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Ares Bohemia Elenor
Mabinogion Arwen Undómiel, "Billie"
Ivy of PercysHome
Annika vom kleinen Sonnenberg
Donna Anona vom kleinen Sonnenberg
Ares Bohemia Elenor
Mabinogion Arwen Undomiel, "Billie" Ivy of PercysHome
Annika vom kleinen Sonnenberg
Donna Anona vom kleinen Sonnenberg


Ares Bohemia ElenorAres official:
-name: Ares Bohemia Elenor
-sex: male
-colour: tricolour
-born: 12th of March 2009 in Czech Republic
-International Champion
-5 x CACIB (in three countries)
-German Champion (CfBrH & VDH)
-HD A, CEA genet. free (Laboklin), Kat./Kolomb./PRA clear (2012 & 2014), MDR +/-, pure for smooth
-height: 57,5 cm
-recommended for breeding
-Pedigree see Smooth Collie Database.

Ares private:
Before Ares came to live with us, he stayed in Switzerland. When he was still young he took part in several shows with his former owner Eliane Zwygart from "Collies of Sealand". Therefore he is very well accustomed to meet other dogs, he lived in a pack (and in the family) of Mrs. Zwygart.

He pays everyone, human or dog, a friendly warm welcome, a very sociable collie. He expects to be opposed the same way. He can be very determined and prevails if he wants something, but to the "ladies" he is always the "gentleman". During games he lets the lady win, as long as she plays fair.
He never acts rough, but strolls off, if he decides that it could be nicer to get a hug from a human being instead. He is a very gentle character with (as a friend once put it) truly "ares-tocratic" appearance. He loves cuddling and his long walks in the woods, playing in the garden and of course "treats". And us, what joy!

Ares Bohemia Elenor     Ares Bohemia Elenor portrait
Ivy, Ares & Annika
Family portrait: Ivy, Ares & Annika

Offspring of Ares:

-with Elsie (Ch. Flying Heartbreaker’s Extra Edition Elise) of Ihlpol Collies (X-litter),
born 27th October 2012, 8 puppies (6 girls & 2 boys)
, all CEA clear.
X litterX litterX litterX litterX litter

-with Juwel Jette vom Spreeidyll (O-litter),

born 29th November 2013, 8 puppies (5 girls & 2 boys)
Jette's Welpen 2013Jette's Welpen 2013Jette's Welpen 2013Jette's Welpen 2013Jette's Welpen 2013Jette's Welpen 2013

Venja vom Ihlpol (Y-litter),
born 6th January 2014, 7 puppies
(4 girls / 2 tricolor, 2 dark sable & 3 boys / 1 tricolor, 2 dark sable).

-with Fionessa´s Black Bangle "Banja" (C-litter),
born 4th February 2014, 8 puppies ( 3 girls & 5 boys).

-with Turella´s Open My Heart "Sally", Kurzhaarcollies vom Feueropal (B-litter),
born 19th June 2014, 11 puppies (7 girls & 4 boys).

-with Ivy of PercysHome, Kurzhaar-Collies vom kleinen Sonnenberg (A-litter),
born 31th August 2014, 6 puppies (5 girls & 1 boy).

-with Fionessa´s Black Bangle "Banja" (D-litter),
born 10th October 2015, 9 puppies ( 4 girls & 5 boys).

-with Ivy of PercysHome, Kurzhaar-Collies vom kleinen Sonnenberg (B-litter),
born 26th November 2015, 8 puppies (3 girls & 5 boys).

-with Gallipoli Bila Kaifa "Käthe", Colliezwinger vom Gänsebrunnen (A-litter),
born 11th January 2016, 5
puppies (1 girl & 4 boys).

-with Engelchen Elly vom Palais Brinn "Elly", Kurzhaarcollies vom Spreeidyll (P-Litter),
born 5th Oktober 2016, 4 puppies (2 girls & 2 boys).

-with Gallipoli Bila Kaifa "Käthe", Colliezwinger vom Gänsebrunnen (B-litter),
born 11th March 2017, 6
puppies (3 girls & 3 boys).

-with Jack Mack´s iall is sioda "Jarah", Kingswillow Collies (C-litter),
born 1st April 2018, 8
puppies (5 girls & 3 boys).

-with Ab Angelo Comitante "Bliss" (D-litter),
born 29th June 2018, 7 puppies (4 girls & 3 boys).


Billie, Mabinogion Arwen UndómielBillie official:
-name: Mabinogion Arwen Undomiel
-sex: female
-colour: tricolour
-born: 25th of March 2007 in the Netherlands
-German Youth Ch. 2008
-HD A, CEA/ PRA clear, MDR -/-
-recommended for breeding
-Pedigree see Smooth Collie Database.

Billie private:
Billie lives with us since the summer of 2010. Her youth she  spent in the Berlin area in a pack of smooth collies and lots of room to romp around and play with each other. Her previous owner is breeding smooth-collies for years, she imported Billie from the Netherlands and integrated her successfully into the pack. Apparently Billie would have preferred to become pack leader, she loves to be the main character. But since there was already a beautiful strong pack leader in "Spreeidyll" , Mrs. Bundermann heavy-hearted separated from Billie, for Billie's sake.

Billie knew from the day she arrived here, that this is her place. She calls energetically everything she wants. This is mainly a lot of eating. The best place on the sofa. Maximum of two cats in the apartment. To have the feeling,to be the most important creature in the world to "her people". No contradiction of our male dogs. She is very dominant, but also extremely endearing, as long as all the other animals behave the way she wants it. Sometimes she has  something of a Roman C

With her love for eating she kept us very busy. The first year she put herself in a (to her opinion)
well rounded shape. Since Ares is here, who constantly asks to play, she has slimmed down again. Now she is in superb condition (she loved our walks in the forest anyway). Ares and Billie form a "perfect couple". She liked him from the first moment and even allows him to eat from her bowl (if there is enough).

To me she is incomparable. She is the best friend I have, she can be effusive in her enthusiasm when I am happy, but puts her head calmly on my lap when I am worried. She is the most sensitive creature I have ever met, and an incredible stroke of luck to me. I have no doubt that she will be a fantastic, loving and strict mother, who will generously share the puppy training with Ares, especially the games.

Billie, Mabinogion Arwen Undómiel
Billie, Mabinogion Arwen UndómielIvy & BillieBillie May 2016


Ivy official:Ivy in August 2018
-name: Ivy of PercysHome
-sex: female
-colour: blue-merle
-born: 3rd of march 2013 in Germany
HD A1, CEA/PRA clear as puppy, CEA/DNA carrier, MDR +/-,
, rough factor
-recommended for breeding
-Pedigree see Smooth Collie Database.

Ivy private:
Ivy lives with us since May 2013. From the first day, she conquered the hearts of everybody, human and dog. Although she accepted Billie as leading bitch at once, she always manages to find the right way to get what she wants.

IvyShe can be really tricky to make tired humans wide awake for playing with her. Or to get other dogs into "not-noticing" while she herself is having all the goodies inbetween. For being a collie, she is quite a good "talker", especially in the morning, when nobody really wants to discuss ideas like playing in the dark garden with old dust-brushes (her favorite toy). She always manages to find ways to play on her own finally (usually very noisy), as long as there are plenty of paper-baskets around to empty.

Most surprising is her passion in doing things. Once she started something, she keeps going on, until she thinks she was successful. She would never dig a small hole in the lawn, she has only finished, when at least half the dog has vanished in the ground. Tiniest bits and pieces of food are worth the effort to crawl under the cupboard. A cuddle on the sofa is always going along with deep sighs and groaning; waking up humans in the morning needs especially loud singing and yodeling and ear-nibbeling as well. No chance to resist her!

On the other hand, during the walks she always stays close to her "family", hunting for deers or hares is never as important as being with us. So we are able to let her roam around without a lead most of the time, which really makes our live easier! She comes back very quickly, hates to be alone.

Our teenager is very positive and lively, friendly, a bit nosy but self-confident. We hope she will donate all these good attributes to her children.
Ivy of PercysHome -Portrait-Ivy & B-litter
Ivy of PercysHome
Annika & IvyIvy November 2017

Little Ivy:
Ivy of PercysHome 4 weeks oldIvy of PercysHome 5 weeks oldIvy of PercysHome 7 weeks oldIvy of PercysHome 7 weeks old
Here she is four, five respectively seven weeks old.

Offspring of Ivy:

A-litter with Ares Bohemia Elenor,
born 31th August 2014, 6 puppies (5 girls & 1 boy).
B-litter with Ares Bohemia Elenor, born 26th November 2015, 8 puppies (3 girls & 5 boys).
C-litter with  Ab Angelo Comitante Acon, born 20th March 2017, 6 puppies (2 girls & 4 boys).
E-litter with Ab Angelo Comitante Arak, born 9th March 2019, 8 puppies (3 girls & 5 boys).


Annika in February 2018Annika official:
-name: Annika vom kleinen Sonnenberg
-sex: female
-colour: blue-merle
-born: 31st of August 2014 in Germany
HD A1, CEA DNA non-carrier, MDR -/-, DM N/DM, pure for smooth
-recommended for breeding
-Pedigree see Smooth Collie Database.

Annika private:
Our youngest is not easy to describe. Although a typical collie, we have a dog that is different to our other dogs. From the beginning she has been the puppy that conquered our hearts. While there were many words to describe the others from the litter like funny, lively, selfsecure, cheeky and so on, Annika was always called "just cute".

She has not changed since then, but it is a bit easier to characterise her: She loves humans. Everybody is welcomed with vehement joy, friends and strangers as well. In her pack she always tries to please the others: Billie the leader, Ares the calm and mummy Ivy the permanent play-mate. With Ivy she spends many hours roaming house and garden, these two are always together and are never tired to play.

Annika has an intuition how to find "her place". She is always there without putting herself in front, but she is never anxious or drawn back. She is a happy dog and very uncomplicated.

We are pleased that we chose her to live with us and enjoy it very much having her around. Hopefully she stays like she is now: "Just cute"!

Now she has been our "little girl" for a long time. But finally she decided, it would be time for her own puppies. She has been a wonderful mother, she raised the pups "antiauthoritarian". We hope she will inherit her happy and uncomplicated nature to all of her puppies.

Annika vom kleinen Sonnenberg -Portrait-Annika vom kleinen Sonnenberg
Annika - the great pretenderAnnika nearly 2 years old
happy Annika
Annika with her d-litterAnnika with daughter Donna
Annika and our D-litter, born 5th November 2017 and with daughter Donna.

Little Annika:
Annika 3 weeks oldAnnika 7 weeks old
Annika 10 weeks oldAnnika 3 months old
Here she is three, seven, ten respectively twelve weeks old.

Offspring of Annika:

D-litter with Ab Angelo Comitante Acon, born 5th november 2017, 9 puppies (5 girls & 4 boys).
F-litter with Maxime vom Palmbachtal, born 23rd march 2020, 7 puppies (4 girls & 3 boys).


Donna official:Donna
-Donna Anona vom kleinen Sonnenberg
-sex: female
colour: tricolour
-born: 5th of November 2017 in Germany
-CEA non-carrier, MDR +/-, DM N/N,
pure for smooth
-Pedigree see Smooth Collie Database.

Donna private:
Annikas daughter is called "Donna". During puppy-time she was quite inconspicious, but she developed to a strong character.

It has not always been easy for her to intgrate in the pack, but she managed well. First of all she did draw Billie on her side, who even watched over Donnas sleep in the first months. After finding out, that one is not allowed to steal food or toys from "grandma" Ivy, she decided to make her the partner in all sorts of running-games.

Most difficulties she had with Ares, who took his job as an educator very serious. Donna thought him much too strict!!! But there was always a human lap to jump on, or the beloved mummy Annika to hide behind. Since her first heat everything changed, by now she is a "lady" and Ares treats her like one, she enjoys that very much!

Donna is, compared to our other bitches, a very dainty girl, but she evens that up with a strong will, speed and power. She is full of charming wildness and is an enthusiastic barker, nobody could ignore her.

She loves humans and animals of all sizes and ages. Even more she loves the fillings of cushions and sofas, which -after "the work is done"- are spread happily in house and garden. It is impossible to be angry with that cute girl, but we expect several surprises with Donna in future.

Donna February 2018
Donna & AnnikaDonna & Ivy
Donna February 2018

Little Donna
Donna mit 3 WochenDonna mit 6 WochenDonna mit 9 WochenDonna mit 12 Wochen
Here she is three, six, nine respectively twelve weeks old.

Benno (5th June 1998-7th July 2014)

Just private:
Benno moved in when he was 10 years old, because of health-reasons. He recovered very quick and became the companion of our first smooth-collie Billie. Benno was a wonderful friend, very cool with a great heart. He loved helping with cooking and developed to be a "cheese-expert". We miss him very much!

BennoLabrackel BennoLabrackel Benno

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